Introducing our new National Sales Manager, David Coleman.

We are delighted to introduce David Coleman as our National Sales Manager at Pharmapod. David talks to us about his career to date and his thoughts on pharmacy and Pharmapod. 

What is your career background?

I have been in and around the pharmacy industry for 20 years in various roles, usually in PMR software.  I’ve worked in different areas, from IT and Project Management through to the Sales and Marketing.  I’ve also had experience working with Wholesalers/Buying Groups so I feel I’ve gained a rounded knowledge of the industry.

What does your role at Pharmapod involve?

My role is to drive the development of the business as the National Sales Manager.  Pharmapod has so much potential and the software really is at the cutting edge of what is available in the sector at the moment.  I want every pharmacy to know who Pharmapod are and what we can add to their business.

What made you want to join the Pharmapod team?

A few things really – firstly having worked in the pharmacy software arena for so long I wanted to be involved in the latest technology that is going to drive the sector forward. We have a great product, that delivers real benefits and efficiencies for the pharmacies. Thirdly I was attracted to the Global opportunities the technology brings – there is a real appetite for the solution in a large number of countries and the experience and challenge of launching Globally really appealed to me. I also sensed that there was a genuine team effort which has turned out to be very much the case.

How have you found working with the Pharmapod team so far? 

I’ve been made to feel very welcome by everyone in the team and feel like I’ve worked here much longer than I have. We are all very much of the same mindset and collectively we have a drive to push the business forward. The striking thing about the Pharmapod team is how customer-centric the culture is. All activity is geared towards supporting our customers through our Customer Success team and supporting me in my role as I’m customer facing. When the Customer is happy the Pharmapod team are happy. There’s also a sense of excitement in the business that we are all involved in something beneficial and on a Global level.

What do you feel is a current challenge for pharmacies and how can Pharmapod help?

There are many challenges for pharmacies at the moment, it feels like we are being squeezed from every side.  The hot topic at the moment though is Quality Payments and making sure you can maximise all the criteria to ensure you retain revenue. Our system, with its patient safety reporting and auditable Incident and SOP management, really helps tick the necessary boxes with minimum effort.

What are your 3 top tops for successful customer engagement?

  1. Know your customer and engage with them.  Listen to what they are saying and react. A software company should be constantly evolving with its customers.
  2. Be clear on your brand and what it is your aims as a business are.  If the customer is confused about what you do, they will not engage.
  3. Enthusiasm – every employee of a company needs to be enthusiastic about the product and the company.  If you’re not genuinely enthusiastic about this, the customer will know.

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